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Daivajna Pigmy Nithya Nidhi Scheme

Pigmy deposit scheme suits the needs of everyone viz. businessmen, professional, wage earners, teachers, salaried personnel, housewives etc. You can save money with our society regularly depending on your convenience. And you need not visit the society for doing so. Our authorized agent collects your savings at your doorsteps at regular intervals. And your money silently grows over months into a lump sum for meeting your future commitments e.g. daughter’s marriage, children’s education, family functions, house purchase etc. Salient features of the scheme are:

  • Period of the scheme is 63 months.
  • Amount as low as Right-sided. 5/- per day can be saved daily / weekly / monthly.
  • No penalty even if depositor is unable to pay installments regularly. Deposit account can be closed prematurely subject to certain conditions. Nomination facility available.